Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BF Bank Holiday

My husband called me last night from work, asking me to confirmed in the internet regarding the news about Banco Filipino on "bank holiday". Most of the BF branch were reported closed yesterday. We're worried about the current issue, because we're depositors of the said bank. This morning after his graveyard shift hubby went directly to Banco Filipino Iligan Branch to confirm the news. And indeed the bank was closed, nobody's around even the security guards.

Immediately, we called people and the realty developer to freeze our issued post dated checks. The checks we have issued for our apartment rental and payment for residential lot were all from BF. If this situation will not be resolved immediately we'll be experiencing financial crisis badly because we have monthly obligations that need to be settled and our savings intended for these obligations are deposited in BF.

I hope and pray that this will be resolved as soon as possible.