Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choosing Between Combination and Single Shot Vaccines

When we first visited Xye's pediatrician she told us that some of the basic vaccines are available at the barangay health center and it is for free as long us you are willing to fall in line and wait too long for your turn. On the other hand we can avail the combination vaccine that covers 6 diseases in just one injection but much costlier. She gave us an option and let us decide which one we'll choose.

I asked my husband for his decision and he told me following: 

1. let's take the combination shots, because at health center Xye might get more than one injection per visit that is too painful for him considering his size. (he only weighs 4.6lbs at birth) 

2. we don't have time to bring Xye at the health center that usually scheduled every Wednesday because of work, and lastly,

3. let's be considerate, we're still blessed and has the capacity to pay for our son immunization so let's just give our share to the less fortunate who needed it most".

And with that Xye had his 6 in 1 vaccine at his pediatrician clinic.

Let us know more about vaccines on the next series of posts.

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