Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Back To Sports

I'm desperately trying my best to eliminate those bulges after gaining so much weight during my pregnancy. My baby is already 4 months old and still I wasn't able to lose even one pound. waaaaaaaah! 

Don't give up! That's what I'm telling myself.

I started to become visible again inside the rectangular court and played my favorite game badminton. My first few games after a year of idleness we're so tedious, I always run out of breath, my muscles turned fats are so heavy that I can't move the way I did before. My mind says I can reach and strike back the shuttlecock but my body just won't listen. waaaah! 

Patience, hard work and perseverance, I need those to be able to bring back my old me. I have to start again from scratch, and slowly move on to become fit and competitive again. 

Maybe this year our company will be having another competition, and this time I hope I can play and carry our team again to the finals. naks! hehe

note: photo/clipart not mine