Monday, March 28, 2011

Making Way for Vaccines

Prevention is better than cure. As a new parents, we are constantly concerned about our baby's health and safety, we need to see to it that he'll be prevented and protected from diseases, diseases that are actually caused by viruses and bacterias around us. And by doing that, we had him undergo series of vaccination.

These are the vaccines that he had, including the cost. 

at birth 
for Hepatitis B (first shot)

December 9, 2010 
BCG  @ P400+

December 27, 2010 
Infantrix 6 in 1 (first shot for 5 diseases and 2nd shot for Hepatitis B) @ P3000.00/per shot 

January 29, 2011
Infantrix 6 in 1 (second shot for 5 diseases and 3rd shot for Hepatitis B) @ P3000.00/per shot

February 26, 2011 
Infantrix 5 in 1 (third shot for 5 diseases) @ P2800.00/per shot 
 RotaTeq Rotavirus Vaccines first dose @ P2,200 per dose

March 26, 2011
RotaTeq Rotavirus Vaccines second dose @ P2,200 per dose

Next Month will be his final dose for Rotavirus vaccine.
Having my son immunized at a private clinic is very costly compared to local health center, but for us our son's health is very important and we'll always try our best to give him what is best for him. And besides local health center don't have combination vaccines hence my son would probably getting more than 1 shot per visit. That's very painful for his part.

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