Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Gaga In Love

Last week, Girl Talk made us cry through sad songs. Today let's do the opposite by smiling or laughing out loud because of a funny song. 

The only song I can remember that made me smile and laugh is the song entitled "You Don't Love Me Anymore" by Weird Al Yankovic. Frankly, I didn't know the singer of this song until now, thanks to GT hehe.

Do you think a Gaga in Love Person like this exist? 

Hahaha... Well, maybe...

We've been together for so very long
But now things are changing, oh I wonder what's wrong?
Seems you don't want me around
The passion is gone and the flame's died down

I guess I lost a little bit of self-esteem

That time that you made it with the whole hockey team
You used to think I was nice
Now you tell all your friends that I'm the Antichrist

Oh, why did you disconnect the brakes on my car?

That kind of thing is hard to ignore
Got a funny feeling you don't love me anymore

I knew that we were having problems when

You put those piranhas in my bathtub again
You're still the light of my life
Oh darling, I'm begging
Won't you put down that knife?

You know, I even think it's kinda cute the way

You poison my coffee just a little each day
I still remember the way that you laughed
When you pushed me down the elevator shaft

The man behind the song (information from wikipedia)
Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic (English pronunciation: /ˈjæŋkəvɪk/;[2] born October 23, 1959) is an American singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, comedian, writer, satirist, and parodist. Yankovic is known for his humorous songs that make light of popular culture and that often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts.

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  1. thanks for sharing this song..nareremember ko mga videoke sessions at home with my titas :D they love to sing this song..hehehe!

  2. Haha! This song reminds of a certain friend way back in high school. Happy GT! Mine is here;

  3. Hahaha! Ayus to sis.
    Videoke time no? Ahihih

    Here's mine

    Sarah A.

  4. heheheh... wala man you tube ako nalang ang mikanta.. waahhh!

  5. I remember this song during colloge days lol! It's really funny :D

    here's mine

  6. It says the song isn't available in my country but I look it up at Youtube and found it. Nice song. Mine is up - My Happy Song

  7. I was about to post this one, but I felt it was too old, lol! Cheers to Weird Al Yankovic! I was in college when it was released, lol!

  8. Also not available in my country....but the lyrics look like it's hilarious!

    Happy GT!

  9. I know Weird Al! My friend had a "cassette" of him back when we were in high school! This was not part of the tape though, and while reading (singing along), instead of just smiling, I was laughing my head out! LOL!

    Sorry for the delayed visit. Mine's here in case you haven't visited it yet. ^_^ Happy GT!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  10. i super love weird al and ALL of his parodies! he's a comic genius, i swear. and this song is my favorite :D

  11. almost my choice, but i chose the parody of it sung by Michael V..... hehehe, bunch of weirdos heh!

    Have a great week ahead girl, here's my funny song if you haven't visited me yet
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion


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