Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday..Thursday at the Office

Today, I believe was the busiest office day for me this year. My section head is on leave until tomorrow, one of my colleague was also on leave for two days (thank God he'll be reporting tomorrow) and the other one is on travel until Monday. That means in our four-man section or group I was left alone as caretaker of our section to submit and make our daily reports, to submit weekly reports scheduled for Thursdays and to comply whatever data the head office might need, etc. etc. 

To be able to do all the tasks easily I set my 2 office mates' computers in remote mode so that I can access it in my pc. It's an extra effort hopping from one computer to another.  With that, I was able to survive the day and finished all my tasks without leaving my own desk.

For now I needed some sleep and regain my strength, because tomorrow is another day, and Friday is also one of the busiest day of the week. 

I'll do my blog hop tomorrow. Goodnight!

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  1. I gather, you had a busy day yesterday! hehe. tnx jan for adding my blog in your delicious blog list. added your blog napud sa ako. yes! blog hop karon! hehe mwah! ciao!


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