Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Working Mom Needs a Yaya

After my 60 days maternity leave, I was able to go back to work without worries that nobody will be around to take care of my baby.  We we’re able to hire a Yaya, soon after giving birth. Her job is to look after my son and take care of his needs during the time my husband and I are at work. The rest of the household chores will be done by the other house help.

Lyn, Xye’s Yaya for more than 4 months and she’s the best we ever had, actually we never had one before her. She’s 23 years old, smart and patiently takes care of my son. My fear of her leaving us had become a reality. Today or tomorrow she’ll have to go, get married and will soon take care of her own child. 

Two weeks before, after Xye’s baptism she told us that her services will only be until the end of this month. From then, we’ve asked a friend to search for a replacement immediately. Looking for one is not that easy these days. Fortunately, a while ago Hubby called me up and told me that the new Yaya will be coming over.  Thank God we’re able to find a replacement. 

Though, another Yaya means another adjustment, I do hope she’ll be as good as Lyn in taking care of Xye and can be instructed and can absorb instructions.
Well, I guess this how it is for a working mom, yaya and house help are already considered as a basic need at home. If only I can give up my work and stay at home for good, but that’s impossible right now because my husband’s income will not suffice our needs and some of our wants. 

Anyway I do hope my journey as a Working Mom will be smooth sailing. Even there are few storms along the way I hope and pray that I can overcome it and will eventually be as smooth as before.

Have A Nice Day.