Thursday, March 17, 2011

Xye's Purple Moments

 mommy moments

Hello Mommies! Welcome to another fun Mommy Moments on a busy Friday. Just finished submitting all my reports for this morning, another set will be done in the afternoon, huh! that's my routine as a working mom and still trying to be a blogger. 

Anyways, my share are photos featuring of course none other than my  angel Javen Xyrus or Xye in short.

Photo # 1 - taken on March 5, 2011

Xye's reading time and his favorite "The Lion King".

Photo # 2 - taken yesterday morning before mommy went to her day job.

 Xye trying his best to hold his toy.

Photo # 3 - taken yesterday afternoon, mommy went straight home after office.

 Xye curiously looking at his 4th month birthday cake.

These are our purple moments. Have A Nice Day!


  1. Cute naman ni baby, Mommy! Nice purple pics!

  2. hope he'll grow to be a wide reader someday! visiting your MM entry! here's mine:

  3. So lovely in purple!

    Purple Galore at my page, have a good weekend!

  4. cute baby! That's nice that you have introduced books at an early age! keep it up. =)

  5. so cute! :D happy purple weekend!

  6. awww, celebrating monthly birthday is cute! ^^,

    Happy MM! :) Here's my purple entry:

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  7. Xye is one cute baby boy! He looks so engrossed with what he's doing. here's my purple entry that features not my toddlers but me

  8. Galing naman ni Xye, mahilig na sa book.

  9. beautiful the one that reading! :) PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great week!

  10. what a cutie! thanks for dropping by my MMs entry...glad to be here...sensya at nahuli sa pila.


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