Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Boracay


After how many Saturdays, finally I have decided to join Sweet Saturday hosted by Jona of Heartifying, a meme about memorable and sweet moments between you and your spouse.

My first post for Sweet Saturday is our memorable moments at Boracay Island on May 5-9, 2008 a special treat for both of us after our wedding on May 3, 2008 aka our honeymoon. 

I made and had these digiscraps printed as a remembrance.

Note: all digiscraps elements were downloaded.

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeding Bottles Bought Online

I had my eyes set to purchase the 4pack, 4 ounces Philips Avent Polypropylene BPA Free Feeding Bottles at, an online baby supplies store based in the Philippines. The item was on sale. Imagine you'll be paying only P1,249.00 for a P3,000.00 actual price item on department stores, that's a great deal right?

Last Monday I finally had placed my order at the website. Upon checking out my total bill was only P 949.00 because I was able to use the P500.00 worth of gift certificate that had given me after writing a review for them. The figures are P1249.00-P500.00=P749 + P200.00 shipping fee, total P949.00. Surely a thrift find. Thanks

Here's the package delivered at my doorstep yesterday.

Oh by the way you can visit their website and avail a P50.00 off by using this coupon code "january" upon checkout

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 11


Edited this entry for WBFC # 11 supposedly intended for # 10 but was late in joining, hehe.. Anyways here it goes..

Welcome to My Newest Blog!

I’m January the sole author of 36 Weeks After, a blog that I have created 1 month and 4 days ago. 

Wonder why it’s entitled 36 Weeks After? That is because Xyrus aka Xye was born 4 weeks earlier from my expected due. At 36 weeks he came out and greeted his proud parents with a loud tiny cry, he wanted to begin his journey in the outside world early.

Sharing my experiences as a new mother will somehow help other newbie moms out there and meeting other mommies online, learning from their experiences will broaden my horizon in parenthood. Thus, I have purposely made this blog with that goal in mind, earning from it comes next. Lol (But before anything else can somebody teach me how to earn from blogging?  Your help is very much needed by dummy me.)
Looking back, I think I have registered and made my first ever blog early 2008, it was about my wedding preparations but I was too lazy to update it and with no idea what blogging is all about, in the end I deleted it permanently. 

On July 9, 2009 I created another blog a supposedly personal blog but eventually turned into a photoblog.  “Life’s Concealed Details” is her newest blog title and had pledged to stick to it for the rest of the years lol.. After turning my first daughter into a photoblog, I had another daughter named “Deliciously Spicy Moments”, my anything under the sun blog, alongside came "Janz Crystalz Handcrafts" my handmade jewelries portfolio, and finally “36 Weeks After” my baby boy blog. You’ll be seeing more of Xye’s face here and including mine. Lol.

That’s it for now. Hope you’ll follow all my blogs and I’ll definitely do the same. Cheers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pa What's This?

 mommy moments

I got a perfect score for Mommy Moment this month, though the 2rd and 3rd posts were a little bit late but still I was able to published it, yipppeee. And today the last Friday of April, MM's theme is Black and White, take a look at my share...

Xye curiously looking and stamping his feet on the steering wheel while on his father's lap. 

A possible conversation, if Xye can already speak... hehe
Xye: Pa what's this? 
Papa: A car's steering wheel, son
Xye: Can I drive this thing?
Papa: Of course son, but not until you're old enough to handle big stuffs.
Xye: Oh.. okay Pa..I'll wait until I turn 18 years old. :)

Visit here for more Mommy Moments.

Yesterday's Lunch


It's Friday, that means another day of food tripping.

Here's what I had for lunch yesterday at our office cafeteria.

1. tinolang manok bisaya (native chicken) @ P30.00 per serve.
2. salad puso ng saging @ P5.00 half serve only
3. rice @ P5.00 and
4. guyabano shake @ P 20.00

Total Lunch Cost: P60.00

Yummy and cheap right?

Visit FTF for more delicious foods.

Photo Album for Xye's Grandparents

Hubby asked me to resize Xye's digiscrap pages that I've made from 5x10 (5R) to 4x6 (4R), had it printed and inserted in an album. He gave the album to his parents as a remembrance from their grandchild.

I took two snaps of the arranged photo album, before giving it to his parents, a perfect share for Pink Friday isn't it?

Bonding Moments

Since hubby and I are both working, we only spend maximum of 16 hours with baby Xye during weekdays, therefore we had to make up the time we've lost during working days on weekends and create bonding moments with him.

Bonding is important in babies emotional development. It creates an intense attachment between mother and child or father and child. Bonding can be a form of touch, eye contact and sounds. 

Babies respond to skin to skin contact, you can give him a massage or simply holding him close to you will definitely soothe him. Allow also your baby to touch you in a way he can. 

Eye to eye contact is one way to communicate with your baby. Most babies enjoys staring at their parents faces and imitating facial expression for hours.

Singing lullabies will help your baby recognize your voice while talking will make him respond to you by making sounds too.

Most importantly cuddling and kissing your baby will make him feel he is loved.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My To Die For Gadgets

 Girls Talk

This week's theme is my most awaited Girl Talk topic because it's about "to die for gadgets".  Yes, I have my one dream, one wish and one goal gadget that I really want to own. I want to upgrade my entry level DSLR camera into a much higher level that can give a higher image quality and functionality.

My birthday wish this year, my anniversary wish or whatever occasion wish I can think of, I just want it, as in really really want it.

I'm torn between a Canon 7D 

 or a much cheaper Canon 60D.

Canon 5D Mark II is beyond my imagination. (sobrang mahal na)

plus additional macro lenses. waaah.. (hindi naman bawal ang mangarap hehehe)

I can hear my conscience saying "Jan Wake Up!"...Your wannabe blogging career will not able to provide those. toinks! ayan gising na ako..

Out from the Nursery

This photo was taken on November 22, 2010. After 7 days in the hospital nursery Baby Xye finally went home with us and had his first sleep in his crib.

My second share for 

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Traveling - What's in your Diaper Bag?

My husband and I love to travel but had canceled most of our planned trip when I got pregnant and gave birth to our first baby. 

Now that he is 5 months old, traveling and vacation had again become one option for us to get away and relieve stress from busy life in the city.

This month alone we had two long trips by land the first one was an 8-10 hour drive to Zamboanga City and other was a 5 hour drive to Bukidnon. On getaway like this packing is one difficult task especially when traveling with baby.

To make it easier for me to pack our things I made a list of stuffs that should be included in my baby's bag or diaper bag. But first of all you have to estimate how long your travel will be and calculate your baby needs in such period.

Let's take a look at my list (with maximum time on the road of 10 hours).

1. Feeding Bottles filled with the right amount of drinking water 
(I had about 8 bottles filled with distilled water up to 4 ounces)
2. Compact containers with pre-measured baby formula  
(I had 8 compact containers filled with 2 scopes of milk formula)
3. Disposable Diapers 
(had 5 disposable diapers in the bag)
4. Baby Wipes and Diaper Rash Cream
5. Soft Diaper Pad in case you'll need to change his diaper in a public bathroom. (I had mine that came along with the diaper bag)
6. Pacifier or Teether (I had teether instead of pacifier)
7. Vitamins and medicines
8. Alcohol and hand sanitizer
9. Few set of clothes (the rest are on the box inside the car)
10. Few bibs, wash cloths and gauze diapers

The list above is specifically what's inside my diaper bag on our last travel for easy access while on mobile. 

Aside from the above mentioned, we have carried with us the following;
1. Foldable Crib
2. Baby Bath Tub
3. Bottle Sterilizer
4. Portable Rechargeable Electric Fan (in case of brownout) and
5. A storage box full of baby clothes.

This list is only applicable when you're traveling by land, using your own car  only. 

For travels that requires air and sea vehicles, I guess I need to re-list everything. lol

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Photograph

I borrowed an old photo album from my brother (he had it in his care, after our parents passed away) with our old family photographs. I brought it here in Iligan City two weeks ago purposely to scan, restore and enhance those priceless memories we had when we're very young and with our loving parents. I chose one photo to share for this week's ABC Wednesday with theme "O".

That's me with Mamang, Papang and my big brother, taken I supposed in 1979 or 1980.

Mommy Eihdra's First Blogversary Giveaway

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Big Thanks also to her Sponsors for making this Giveaway possible.

I'm crossing fingers now and hope I can win something. :) winkz*


Isa na sad adlaw sa mga Bisdak Bloggers. Ang atong letra para sa Hulagway sa Kinabuhi kay ang letrang "G'. G as in GRIN or "GREEN"

Usa ka buntag nag gunit ug camera ako bana kay gina pikturan niya iyang anak. Ug natimingan sad na pagawas na ko sa parking kay padulong na sa opisina sa walay dapig-dapig nag pa piktur pud ko hehehe.. Ako sanina k kolor GRIN, Biyernes diay ni k wala ko nag uniform. 

It's another day for Bisdak Bloggers, another day for Pictures of Life. This weeks theme is letter G for GREEN.

One Friday morning, hubby was holding the camera and taking photos of his son. He went outside and pointed the lens towards me. The picture addict me had put down the car window right away and smiled back for one sweet photographed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gunit "Holds"


Abi nako naa letter "F" sa Hulagway sa Kinabuhi, kay kung naa ang ako mabutang siguro kay "fa-et" kafa-et ba ani maghuna-huna ug letter "f" na walay mahuna-hunaan. hehe..

Maayo na lang nahimong letrang "G".. hay salamat! Ug kini ako ma-share sa inyo sa letrang G -  Gunit.

Ang ako anak nag-Gunit sa iya beberon.

Another for Pictures of Life. For Letter "G" my share is "Gunit" or Holding. My baby Xye is holding his feeding bottle.

Hardwork Pays Off

While doing my rounds and editing  my blogs, I noticed that this blog already has a numerical figure on page rank checker and guess what it's already a PR2. 

Page Rank Checker

Yippee! Finally was able to upgrade this blog into a new level. Yippeee.. hardwork does pays off. :)

Sweet Shot Tuesday # 1

Sweet Shot Day
I'm joining Sweet Shot Tuesday from now on because I believe that the photos I took and will be taken of my darling Xye were and are always sweet and memorable.

Here's my first share taken on April 19, 2011 when Xye was 5 months and 4 days old.

Baby Xye loves to smile, laugh and play.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grips Toys

Xye grips his toys on both hands.

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On Nathan's 1st Birthday

The photos below were taken on Nathan's 1st Birthday celebrated in his memory on March 19, 2011. Nathan is our friends' Jong and Mia's baby boy who have joined Our Creator a day after he was born last year.

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Smiling Sally