Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby First... Word "MA"

This morning while busy preparing myself in front of the mirror because it's another work day, I heard a little voice called me 'MA'. I turn around to find my son Xye looking at me and smiling while his yaya holds him. I was shocked and overwhelmed to hear him call me 'MA' for the first time. He does call for "AMA AMA" when he cries, but i believe that's normal for babies to call out names when crying. But today it's different he wasn't crying but instead smiling and looking at me. 

Weeeh! what a moment that I should put on record.I need to write it on his baby book as soon as I arrived home after work. wink*


  1. wow galing nmn..we are also very excited kung ano ang first word ng baby nmin hehe..

  2. yep.. hehehe.. nakakatuwa talaga..


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