Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Teether

Xye has started teething at an early age of 4 months and a half. He's becoming fussier and sometimes drools too. Maybe because of the soreness and swelling on his gum as his two small teeth are trying to come out. He kept on biting his fingers and trying so much to reach for his toys and put it in his mouth he wanted something to help relieve the pressure in his gum.

To keep him from biting his fingers or toys I bought a teether for him to bite on. I've searched for teether that is smaller and easier to grip and can't find one that is a little cheaper. Mommy had no choice but to buy this not so cheap teether for him.

Anyway, I forgot about the price after seeing baby  Xye comfortably gripping and chewing his new toy.

It does help soothe the pain on his gum.


  1. ooowwwsss! i know the price is expensive with that brand... hehehe. babies at that age are really fussier.... visiting your green monday entry!

  2. Same with my Iris..she's just four month when all this signs for teething appear but now she's 6months pero wala pa ring teeth na lumabas..hahaha..
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  3. I remember Peachy using them pero mas like nya parin yung damit nya. Thanks for sharing!


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