Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bonding Moments

Since hubby and I are both working, we only spend maximum of 16 hours with baby Xye during weekdays, therefore we had to make up the time we've lost during working days on weekends and create bonding moments with him.

Bonding is important in babies emotional development. It creates an intense attachment between mother and child or father and child. Bonding can be a form of touch, eye contact and sounds. 

Babies respond to skin to skin contact, you can give him a massage or simply holding him close to you will definitely soothe him. Allow also your baby to touch you in a way he can. 

Eye to eye contact is one way to communicate with your baby. Most babies enjoys staring at their parents faces and imitating facial expression for hours.

Singing lullabies will help your baby recognize your voice while talking will make him respond to you by making sounds too.

Most importantly cuddling and kissing your baby will make him feel he is loved.

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