Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have to do my share for Girl Talk in advance and link it up tomorrow, because I'll be having another busy day at work tomorrow. 

Lenter Season is approaching and one of my task at work is to submit our power forecast for the next three weeks as part of the Holy Week Contingency Plan. Yay..sorry about that, I can explain it if you ask me to but not online.. hehehe

Anyways, it is April therefore, another set of topics for Girl Talk. It's something To Die For (Food, Celebrity, Clothing, Gadget)..hmmm interesting...I'll be looking forward for the last topic "Gadget" hihihi..

To start with, TDF Food. I don't  have food in mind that I'm willing to die for, hehehe, life would be a waste literally.

But I want to eat one whole lobster, any recipe will do before I die. Hard to admit but I never eaten, tasted or even smelled a lobster before. Expensive that's what I've heard and I can't afford yet, maybe if I'll be able to earn from staying online, I might able to taste it. lol

Happy Girl Talk Girlies!

note: photo not mine


  1. ah oh! i can't eat crabs..huhuhu! allergic to those., :( mine is up na po te jan!

  2. wahhhh I have tasted a lobster last month, I just forgot to take some pictures :( It was quite expensive, it was around 1500 pesos ($36). kasi naman per gram ang presyo. ahahah

    pero masarap sya, para lang din crab ehehehe

    mine is up here:

  3. Hi Jan, wow, this is so yummynesss... sus kalimot tag panty ani jan... hahahah..

  4. Only if I could eat Lobster everyday, I would love too!!

    GT: Food To Die For

  5. Yummy foodie :) Happy GT!

  6. wow! lobster!love it! so miss to eat seafoods...visiting from GT..followed you, hope you'll follow me back..

    have a peek on my entry:

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  8. Just keep on blogging and you'll definitely have enough budget to buy this o kaya kahit hipon nalang sis. lol! I myself never eaten a lobster din, well for the fact na sa laki nila e takot akong kainin sila.. seafood especially crabs, shrimps and lobsters give me some chills. :)

  9. I was wondering when I was gonna see a lobster on the menu, hehehe....

    I've eaten a whole lobster before and it really is on a seafood class of its own.

    Hope you get your chance one day. Don't think about the cost too much. It will be worth it!

  10. So I'm not the only one who hasn't tasted lobster! :P Same thought here - expensive piece of food. Although I've always wanted to try eating lobster, but I don't think I can afford it just yet. ;) They say it taste like shrimp / crab. I really wouldn't know. LOL! :D

    Happy GT dear. Here's mine! Hope you could visit my entry. :)

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  11. lobster love! ako lang yata ang hindi mahilig jan hahaaa. i taste and like but not as much as shrimps =)

  12. ay ako hindi masyado palakain ng mga ganyan..
    My GT Foodie have a nice day!:)
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  13. Wow. Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures. Lobster with sweet chili sauce are to die for.. :) Happy GT! Thanks for dropping by my entry.

  14. now that you've mentioned it, i was thinking if i've ever tasted lobster before..hmm?really a bit expensive for a frugal mum like me..
    thanks for visiting my GT entry:)
    happy friday!

  15. Hi Jan! it's been so long!.. Happy GT!.. Lobster! I tasted one nung ngbakasyon ako sa Samar last year. "Kinis" ang tawag nila dun sa malalaki at malalaman kaya lang after ko magpakasawa ni-rushed naman ako sa hospital dahil sa allergy!.toinks. And yes! it's really expensive here in Manila.. For the meantime since red tide is up we should avoid seafoods.that means you have more time to save online for a lobster. winks.. Mine is Up here

  16. Lobster is really good. It's tasty and lots of meat compare to crab. Mine is up - My GT Entry.

  17. i also love lobster! and also sea mantis :)

    Yummy is my food. Please dont forget to like my page @ FB. Thanks very much!

    Happy GT!

    Never hesitate to drop by my home.

  18. Super mahal ng lobster dito, i could stay all day in the table eating lobster, kaya lng mahal

    E!FT Visiting from GT

  19. We love lobster! In Marinduque, lobsters are very cheap! Hope you can visit my blog here:

    Must Have Food (Do you like lobsters?

    Psychotic Thoughts

  20. i wish i could eat lobster everyday, but it's so expensive for a poor woman like me :(

    i like all kinds of sea food, but i'm too lazy to peel off the shell. haha!


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