Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My To Die For Gadgets

 Girls Talk

This week's theme is my most awaited Girl Talk topic because it's about "to die for gadgets".  Yes, I have my one dream, one wish and one goal gadget that I really want to own. I want to upgrade my entry level DSLR camera into a much higher level that can give a higher image quality and functionality.

My birthday wish this year, my anniversary wish or whatever occasion wish I can think of, I just want it, as in really really want it.

I'm torn between a Canon 7D 

 or a much cheaper Canon 60D.

Canon 5D Mark II is beyond my imagination. (sobrang mahal na)

plus additional macro lenses. waaah.. (hindi naman bawal ang mangarap hehehe)

I can hear my conscience saying "Jan Wake Up!"...Your wannabe blogging career will not able to provide those. toinks! ayan gising na ako..


  1. Nice one sis. My hubby made my wish list come true as well last year. He upgrade my DSLR as well from D40x to D90. Teeheee...

    Goodluck on your wish list.

    Mine’s up for this week’s GT here.

  2. I was eyeing the 5d but opted for 7d, video-wise...I'm just getting the most out of it but a 5d is also in my wish list ;)

  3. great choice but I still prefer nikon but canon is good too...mine is here

  4. nice pick, sis :)

    here's mine

  5. hmmm..those are quite expensive but I am sure your hubby is reading this post and might surprise you with your DSLR upgrade. Hope you can check Mine too!

  6. oooh! i would like to have that... but i need to learn how to take pictures first :)

    Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  7. Now lenses costs more than the camera itself, right? I've been dreaming of these too. Here's my GT entry, hope you can check it out. Thanks!

  8. woohoo i would to own a dslr camera too:( pero wala talaga akong budget for that right now:(

    mine is up here:

  9. wish to learn how to handle this too Jan.. hehe.. awesome gadgets... TL

  10. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    great picks!

  11. Ako nga 2 yrs old na yung Canon 450D ko,pero until now, kitlens pa rin,mahal naman kasi ng lens,ok lang kung for business, pero kung hindi ,happy na kao sa kitlens, :D

  12. grabe ang gaganda at i am sure mahal...pangarap ko nalng yan sila. happy GT sis!:-)

  13. i think i'll be seeing more of this as i bloghop today...:)

  14. another one wishing for a DSLR.. what's with it? even my 16-year old daughter has her eyes on it, lol!

    mine's HERE by the way..

  15. well I also am dying for this DSLR camera sis...I guess everyone is a fad of photography...visiting you back..thanks for the comment!

  16. we have the same desire Jan, if you happen to buy yours in buy one take one can I get the take hehehe

  17. that is a great camera! wish you good luck!

  18. Ganda ng gadget, nakakalula lang ang presyo. Hope matupad mo bday wish mo. :)

  19. wow, pwede bang maki-share sa pangarap? at least you have a DSLR to upgrade, I have none! hehe

    here's my entry:

  20. wow, so nice. I love to have one too! thanks for the visit.

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  21. hahaha! cute post! actually, if you want it so much, nothing is impossible right? and, i think that you are in the right track in your blogging career. just give it time. it took me din a while before i started earning decently sa mga blogs ko :)

    so don't lose hope. that dslr will be yours for the taking. :)


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