Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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I missed ABC Wednesday last week had to go offline because of emergency situation. Anyway now I'm back and ready to play another round of ABC. 

Today's letter is "N", N for Novels. I bought these novels written by the 3 famous novel writers this era has at BookSale. I bought it hoping I will be able to read it, but sadly I hadn't found time yet. Now these books rest on my table waiting for me to open them. lol..

Happy ABC Wednesday!


  1. I love novels, too! Great choice for the N Day! Hope you find some time to read them soon! Enjoy the week!

    ABC Team

  2. good range of novels, NONE of which I've actually read!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I enjoy novels, too. I just loaned a big pile of recently read ones to my daughter. Have a great week,

    abcw team

  4. Do take the time to read them.

  5. I find it much easier to find and buy books than to find the time to read them. So glad someone else decorates their coffee table with books unread...HaHa...

  6. What did you pay for them? At our local Thrift Shop I am our book pricer and I would have put 2.00 each on them. We had a shelf full of them, they weren't selling so we donated them to a book seller in the near by town.

  7. Very NICE N.

    Please come and see what my N is at Nostalgic marveling, thanks!

  8. Nabalik ako before sa Sidney Sheldon na yan,lol!! Yung Northern lights parang napanood ko sa tv yan and about Danielle Steele di ko ma remember if may nabasa akong novel sa kanya. Happy reading!!

  9. ayay, kapuyan man ko ug basa...ehhehee...naa pako pending 2 books dire...weeee...good for yah!


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