Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pa What's This?

 mommy moments

I got a perfect score for Mommy Moment this month, though the 2rd and 3rd posts were a little bit late but still I was able to published it, yipppeee. And today the last Friday of April, MM's theme is Black and White, take a look at my share...

Xye curiously looking and stamping his feet on the steering wheel while on his father's lap. 

A possible conversation, if Xye can already speak... hehe
Xye: Pa what's this? 
Papa: A car's steering wheel, son
Xye: Can I drive this thing?
Papa: Of course son, but not until you're old enough to handle big stuffs.
Xye: Oh.. okay Pa..I'll wait until I turn 18 years old. :)

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  1. oooppps.. i had to re-install my original template.:)

  2. This is just precious! Lovely! Happy MM> Here is my MM entry. Thanks!

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  3. great capture!

    Please look at my B/W world. You are welcome at my STREET anytime.

    Have a great mommy weekend!

  4. Please join us every Saturday here:

  5. You are doing this right, capturing every memory as he grows...hopefully 36 years after we are still doing this! ;) Love the dialogue!

  6. ang ganda naman ng scene n to...sarap sa mata :D tahnks for the visit!

  7. nice photo...and conversation,too!

  8. aw! ang cute naman. galing mg project ni baby, hehe :)

  9. Hahahaha...cute naman ng "conversation" nila : )

  10. oh, lovely picture.. very sweet... you may want to check MINE..

  11. What a lovely Daddy-and-son picture! Happy MM!

  12. congratulations for completing this month's themes :D and i juts have to say, i LOVE this photo! :D

  13. we are both so into MM ;) i aim for 100% entry, hence this late entry.

    by the way, awesome black and white photos.

    here's our link:


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