Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reading to Babies

You don’t have to wait for your baby to grow up before introducing a book or reading book to him. Reading aloud to babies as early as possible is better for his growth and development. Though infants will not understand the content of what you are reading but at least he will be able to pick up the rhythm of language as he hear you speaks. Reading also is one bonding moment with your babies. 

What books are best for infants? 

I was searching in the internet of what books are best to read on babies, and I found out that the books by Dr Seuss are among the top choice. Curious what his books are about, I visited my favorite hangout “BookSale” and found these two the “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Foot Book”.  Read it and found out that Dr. Seuss books are more on word rhymes and has colorful pictures too. 

Anyway, for me reading to babies doesn’t require specific books any reading materials will do like magazines, any children books as long as there are lots of colorful pictures and easy for me to read and cheaper for me to buy. Like those two books that I've got for only only P70 and P15. Great Deals as always at BS. lol..

The photo above shows how Xye enjoys looking at the pictures and  trying to help me hold the book using his tiny hands.

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  1. maybe I should try to look and buy those books too.. =)

  2. Bravo mommy! Youd baby will love books by doing so! I started mine with the bible when they were in my tummy :)

  3. what a brilliant idea.. this is way better than just leaving kids watching tv all day! thanks for the visit and the follow, sis!

  4. When we were still in Manila, BS is also our favorite store to visit.

    Reading to our kids is good bonding time.

  5. i will definitely look for Dr. Seuss books for my little one. I think he's already interested in reading books at 5 months haha... he's fond of looking at her Ate's books eh :D

  6. Those are books that my little one loves as well! :)

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  7. i have books like that too! visiting your Green Monday entry! hope you can drop by my Green Monday entry too!

  8. im here again for RT!

    here's mine:

  9. read read read! What a nice bonding moment! Hope you can check out my RT . Thank you!

  10. BS has also been my fave spot to hunt for good books that are pocket friendly. :)

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  11. Oh Dr. Zeuss is one of our favorite authors too. Your baby will be intelligent sis coz you read her lots of books. :) My Green Monday Sorry for my late visit today but my post wasn't late. Will be happy to see you in my page though. :)

  12. im gonna buy Dr. Seuss' books too for my baby boy. he like it very much when i read to him during bed time. :)

  13. i love dr seuss books too, kaya everytime we fly thru Emirates Airlines- i make sure i ask for it coz they give it for free to kids

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  14. Our peach loves foot book too. Thanks for joining us this.

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