Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer Plans

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Hubby and I already had scheduled our leave from work this summer. Since this is our first summer as a family, we made two major plans to enjoy the season.

First will be a Holy Week Vacation at my husband’s hometown in Bukidnon. Xye will be meeting his grandparents for the first time. Hubby’s parents are also excited to meet, hold and cuddle their grandson from their youngest son. 

Second we booked 3 days 2 nights vacation package at Dakak Beach Resort scheduled first week of May. This will be a getaway together with our closest friends, Jefer, Charry and Nice, Xye’s godparents.

We chose to spend our summer here in Mindanao because;
  • Xye is too young to travel outside Mindanao.
  • No airfare needed
  • Less expense, that way we’ll be able to take Xye’s Yaya with us.
Soon when he is old enough to enjoy and appreciate what a vacation is, maybe we’ll be able to fly and visit HK Disneyland or Singapore’s Universal Studio. Hmmm kailangan mag-ipon hehehe.. 

Happy Mommy Moments!


  1. Looks like you have everything planned for this summer.Enjoy. Visiting for MM! Mine is up

  2. that was so much fun sis, well your kid is just young and that's right he still have lots of chances to appreciate summer when he's older...
    visiting from Mommy Moments...

    take a peek on my MM entry

    and don't forget to leave some comment!
    Thanks, have a happy weekend!

  3. Bringing my kids to HK Disneyland is one of my ultimate vacation dream for my kids. Happy summer vacation to you mommy dear! Visiting from Mommy Moments :)

  4. Taking a leave is quite a step in sorting out summer plans :)

  5. Wow, Xye will start his adventure this year..

    Our summer Plans

  6. wow!thats a great plan! dakak..iwish:) heheh!good luck jan..thanks for droping by.

    followed here too!

  7. That's really true! When we went to Davao three years ago, our little boy was only a year old, he didn't remember anything about our trip, but just last February, when we went back to Davao again, all his memories of our recent trip are very vivid! Gusto pa ngang bumalik! visiting your MM entry! here's my Mommy Moments entry! hope you can drop by too!

  8. Wow, I've never been to Dakak! Hope my family and I can also visit one day.

    Here's my Mommy Moments entry. :D

  9. good plans... followed u here...

  10. Dakak is one of the places I would want to visit someday. Looks like you'll have a superb summer :)

  11. no matter where you are this summer, as long as you're all together, that will be a great summer!
    have fun!

    followed back sis! ;)

  12. Wow! sosyal naman ng Summer nyo at sa Dakak pa, pwede ba sumama? lol!

    MM:Summer Plans

  13. Dakak! Enjoy it there and the visit to the grandparents as well...there are many summer memories to make!

  14. agree with you on that one, mommy, since your little one is quite little still, best to choose the most comfortable place to go, i wish dakak is just nearby ;)
    here's to one summer to remember :)
    jared's little corner

  15. hi mommy janice!!! sarap mag bakasyon tlga pag summmer....tama yan take a break :D

    visitng fr MM:

  16. great summer plans...

    though I haven't been to Dakak despite my cousins constant invitation (they are from Dipolog and Dakak is just a few hours away), I know it's one great place something kinda Boracay.

    Summer doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it's spent with your loved ones esp the family and all are having fun, that's really the objective :D happy summer!

  17. hi mommy jan! wow exciting ah..korek medyo malapit lang muna..same with us..
    Visiting from Mommy Moments :) Have a nice day!
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  18. Those are nice summer plans, Mommy: bonding moments with family and friends! Happy MM!

  19. Dakak seemed to be new to me, pero oks vacay nyo coz its a beach. :) Nice to know that you prioritize in bonding with your parents this holy week. My Mommy Moments

  20. it still sounds like an exciting summer.. maybe when xye is older then you can spend the summer anywhere you want, lol!

  21. wow! ka nice jud sa plan...wala pako ka adto sa dakak...ehehhehe!

  22. great plans! i could imagine your son and grandparents so excited to have bonding time :) and i'm sure xye will have fun at Dakak :)

    Thanks for peeking at my plans.
    Don't hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Have a great summer!

  23. good decision... leave the more expensive trips when he is big enough to appreciate! :D


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