Monday, April 18, 2011

Top Two Things I Collect

Today, I came across another meme and it's called "Top Two Tuesday" hosted by the undomestic momma. The topic for this week is "Top Two Things You Collect". Hmmm, quite interesting because I do have lots of things that fancies me and I want to collect all of them, like flip flops, shoes, handbags, watches, mugs, etc. etc. but sadly I can't afford that much. huh!

Anyway among those items above, I chose these 2 as my top choice. 

The pictures below are in my wishlist, I don't own the items yet because it's too expensive but who knows I might have them after I won a lottery. wink*

Wrist Watches

It's fun to collect watches from classic, casual to sporty I love all of them as long as it's not that expensive. 

Stylish Mugs

My newest craze is collecting mugs and tumblers especially from Starbucks. Another pricey collection but can't resist it sometimes.

Now you'll know what to give me as gift. lol

Have a Nice Day Everyone!

note: photos from the internet


  1. LOVE the Starbucks mug as well as your signature - it's gorgeous!!

  2. a very nice but expensive collection...i couldn't afford these :)

  3. That bedazzled Starbucks mug - LOVE! I have a bunch of cups from Starbucks and I really think they're the best out there.

  4. Do you have a Phillip Stein watch? I love mine. And I love getting new watch bands for it.

  5. those items are just on my wishlist..I don't have them because I can't afford them..:(

    thanks for the visit..:)

  6. These are great things to collect! I only have one watch, is is a Dooney and Bourke one with 3 different bands. I love it, but I never wear it!

  7. Wow, That's really nice. I have never seen one. Sana meron dito.

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