Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LEVYtate and Win

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Wedding Storybook

It's Wednesday and I'm so excited to join another new color meme, that is Wednesday Whites. As my first entry, I'm sharing to you some of my wedding photos. On GT Memorable Summer I have shared our wedding story book that I have personally made from scratch.

Today is another storybook, but this time from the photography package that I have hired. Before he (the photographer) had it printed he showed it to me for comments, I was not contented with the layout thus I revised it, as in total revision. Therefore, I still can claim this project as my own hehehe.. Here's some of the pages...

Perfect for White Wednesday, isn't it?

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Ready for the 1st Month

Another new color MEME has evolved, and I'm so excited to join though I wasn't able to participate on it's launching last week, but today and the next Wednesdays to come, I hope I can diligently make my share. x crossfingers x

My first entry featuring of course my Baby Xye was taken on December 14, 2010, the day before he turned 1 month old. I was waiting for him to wake up and lucky to be able to catch while he's doing his morning stretch.

So Adorable, So Loved

Sweet Shot Day

Toys: Orange Rattle Set

Babies loves anything that makes sound just like these rattle set that I bought for baby Xye. So colorful with orange as dominant color perfect for

these toys for babies are my share for

Shopping Bag

Sunday, May 29, 2011

At the Back Seat

At six months and thirteen days Xye tried to seat on his own at the car's back seat. Hmmm.. not the right time yet for picture sake only. Still in need of pillows for support.


Best Trophy

Last week hubby and I went to Cagayan de Oro City to attend our company's sports competition. Since both of us were players of our respective departments and had to stay for 3 days at CDO, we've brought our little boy with us with his Yaya.

Our team won silver while hubby's team won the bronze. Both medals we're dedicated to our best trophy ever Xyrus.

Galaxy Chocolate

The ladies in our department got two bars of galaxy chocolate as a "pasalubong" from a colleague who just came back from Italy.

Thanks for the sweet treat.

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Back in the Game

Three years ago (and years before that), I was addicted in playing badminton. The most active years were in 2006 to 2008 while working in Metro Manila. With nothing else to do during weekends, I have joined almost every tournaments that I could qualify. I gathered several trophies,medals and other badminton stuffs during my stay in Metro Manila, badminton court was my favorite hangout that time.

But after getting married, my so called badminton career faded off, I lay lowed and had not participated in any competition. I demoted myself into playing badminton for physical fitness and not for competition anymore. I may have joined competitions lately but in a corporate event only.

Last year I wasn't able to join our company's sportsfest because I was pregnant but this year I'm backed inside the four corners of a badminton court again.

After giving birth, my agility, my strength are not the same as before because of excessive post pregnancy weight gain but still lucky to help my team win silver this year. Hope to win the gold next year.

the badminton court flooring is green perfect for

blue and red racquet for

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Colorful Christening Day

To start my series of colorful weekend posts, I'm sharing these colorful gifts that Xye had received on his Christening Day on March 5, 2011 with colorful balloons too...

and his colorful christening cakes and cup cakes.

Happy Colorful Weekend!

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Life and then Som

Inter-Color Badminton Tournament

I’m back online after 4 days of blog holiday. The last four days were fun, tiring and memorable sporty-vacation break from work for some of us, who have attended the 2nd NGCP Inter-color Regional Sportsfest at Cagayan de Oro City.

The opening ceremony of the annual physical fitness activity of our beloved mother company kicked off last Wednesday May 25, 2011 followed by the first batch of sports events namely badminton, volleyball (men) and tennis with eight teams competing; Districts 1 to 6, MOM Region and our group Mindanao System Operations.

This year I was able to join and returned inside the rectangular court of Badminton after a year of break because of pregnancy and childbirth. I've missed my sports so much and I was so excited to be able to play again and represent our team MSO.

After competing against 7 teams MSO bagged second place after losing our deciding game against District 3. Though it was a little bit frustrating but still we’re happy because were able to bring home silver medals.

Job Well Done to My Team Mates!

And Congratulations to all the Winners and Players! Until Next Year!

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sharing this post to Girl Talk featuring Latest Summer Fun. This event was one memorable summer activity with people I encounter everyday at work.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sterilizer with Dryer

I was looking for a steam sterilizer with dryer after I gave birth to my first child, but was not able to find one at the department stores. Most are steam sterilizers only without the dryer. What I needed most was the dryer.

Luckily hubby and I stopped by at a surplus shop selling used furnitures, appliances etc. from Korea and I spotted this sterilizer, and it has a dryer. weeh.. I did not hesitate to buy it at P1000.00, great find I think. But before using the appliance hubby had thoroughly cleaned it and checked the inside wiring for deteriorated wires that might cause short circuits.

Today this surplus appliance is still functioning and so useful in sterilizing my baby's feeding bottles.

Orangelific Cheer Performance

Another new color meme took off today. This time Orange will be the lead star. To start my series of posts of anything with color orange every Tuesday, I’m sharing to you our orangelific Cheer Presentation during the 2008 TransCo Anniversary at Head Office, Quezon City.

It was the first time our department had joined and eventually won second place during the competition, not bad for performers doing rounds of yells and cheers with just short notice, meaning we only had one day of practice. It was my first time too, to join such presentation.

And you know what, tomorrow will be my second time to do another round of dance cheer performance with 4 other colleagues because our company’s regional sports competition will kick off tomorrow at Marco Alwana Sports Complex in Cagayan de Oro City. We have no choice but to present a number with only few hours of practice because our big boss from head office will be there as special guest. He will surely question our department head if we will not join and perform a presentation for our group. So Good luck to us.. Hope everything will alright. crossfingers..x