Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Hammock a.k.a Duyan

Baby Xye had never slept in a baby hammock before, because he's too tiny to experience its bouncing motion. This morning was his first time to sleep in a cloth hammock, after more that 6 months we have decided to try putting him to sleep using in a duyan. Because he's getting heavier each day and cuddling and rocking him to sleep during the day is too tiresome for his caregiver.

But what is a duyan?

Baby hammock a.k.a duyan is usually a cloth hammock strung on opposite ends, on the wall or ceiling. It can also be strung with rope and spring, just like what my husband did.

Is it safe for babies?

It's safety was never an issue on Filipino parents because it is already accepted or part of the Filipino culture. And besides when babies are put to sleep on a baby hammock parents or caregivers will always be there to look after him.

Anyway, for those who'll be using a baby hammock, take note of the following;

1. Place a mattress or foam below the hammock, just in the baby does fall out he will not hit the hard floor.

2. Never put the baby in the hammock faced-down (kulob), this might suffocate him.

3. The height of the duyan should not be too high, adjust it almost close to the floor.

4. Duyan should only be used to put baby to sleep, take him out as soon as he wakes up.

These are the precautions that we parents should take when using a baby hammock.

Xye had a good sleep during the day in his cloth hammock.

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  1. I miss duyan! How I wished we have duyan here... the traditional one we have in the Philippines.. the one that is made of bamboo...

    I'd really appreciate if you can follow me back(if you haven't done so :D)

    Looking forward to reading more of you!

  2. He surely looks all comfy there. Just be careful not to rock so much...

  3. sweet dreams baby

    mine is up.

    want to ask a lil favor:) ur comment for this blog post will help a lot

    many thanks

    my K in D entry is here

  4. oh cute baby sleeping:)visiting from green monday Jan..mine is up:)

  5. Ay si iris hindi pa-na-try ang Duyan..
    Good thing hindi naman nagpapakarga si iris if sleeping time na..
    Visiting from Kids in Doodles..
    My KIDs .Have a nice day!

  6. i wonder why we never let dindin on a hammock? was it lack of space? hihi i don't remember anymore.

    Trampoline Fun at the Mall

  7. cutiepie in a very peaceful time! love it! :)

    visiting from GM!

    I hope you can check out my Blooming Dandelions. They are more attractive because of their green background! :) See yah!

  8. This are what my boys missed,but when they were babies, I really wish we had one at home.

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles on it's 4th week.

  9. Hinde pa na-try ng mga kids ko ang duyan and I guess they haven't seen one yet!I bet they would like to rock on them^_^

    Happy KID!

  10. He seems to be enjoying the duyan. Look at how peacefully he's sleeping. So angelic!

  11. So precious, looking so calm in his hammock. My late KID entry is up! Hope you can still drop by and comment. BTW, come join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thanks and see you around.

  12. wow, super sarap ng sleep nya. thanks for joining. hoping to see you again next monday.

  13. I need to start to make duyan din kasi bumibigat nba c baby Cam eh, lalo na ngayon gus2 nya kargahin sya lage..


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