Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back in the Game

Three years ago (and years before that), I was addicted in playing badminton. The most active years were in 2006 to 2008 while working in Metro Manila. With nothing else to do during weekends, I have joined almost every tournaments that I could qualify. I gathered several trophies,medals and other badminton stuffs during my stay in Metro Manila, badminton court was my favorite hangout that time.

But after getting married, my so called badminton career faded off, I lay lowed and had not participated in any competition. I demoted myself into playing badminton for physical fitness and not for competition anymore. I may have joined competitions lately but in a corporate event only.

Last year I wasn't able to join our company's sportsfest because I was pregnant but this year I'm backed inside the four corners of a badminton court again.

After giving birth, my agility, my strength are not the same as before because of excessive post pregnancy weight gain but still lucky to help my team win silver this year. Hope to win the gold next year.

the badminton court flooring is green perfect for

blue and red racquet for