Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bad Habits Can be Good to Health

Do you know that studies had shown that bad habits can be good to health? Aside from munching chocolates (which is high antioxidant) or drinking red wine (are good for the heart), there are some so called bad habits that eventually had turned helpful in one's health.

1. Infuriated. Getting angry can boost your mind and body. New studies showed that infuriated people make better decision and anger may stimulate your brain to release less cortisol, a stress hormone that is linked to obesity problems. Interesting right? Ladies don't have to act demure by controlling anger, we can actually let it out but not to the extent of going over board.

2. Coffee addict. Studies showed that drinking coffee may reduce the risk or cancer, parkinson's disease and type 2 diabetes. Most chronic disease are related to inflammation and coffee has abundant of anti-inflammatory compounds and has more antioxidant than any other foods. Hmmm..this helps, I'm a coffee lover winkz*.

3. Internet geeks. Spending time online might actually boost your brain. Yes, according to recent studies web browsing can enhance your brain's reasoning points and can improve your ability to make decisions. Really? let's see..

4. Gum Chewers. For those who want to reduce weight, check this out. New studies shows that chewing gums may help you trim down, because frequent munching can stimulate brain's sateity center, thus makes feel full. But don't forget your etiquette when chewing those stuffs.

Thanks to the recent studies, these bad habits that women have can actually helps.

Source: Women's Health Magazine