Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orangelific Cheer Performance

Another new color meme took off today. This time Orange will be the lead star. To start my series of posts of anything with color orange every Tuesday, I’m sharing to you our orangelific Cheer Presentation during the 2008 TransCo Anniversary at Head Office, Quezon City.

It was the first time our department had joined and eventually won second place during the competition, not bad for performers doing rounds of yells and cheers with just short notice, meaning we only had one day of practice. It was my first time too, to join such presentation.

And you know what, tomorrow will be my second time to do another round of dance cheer performance with 4 other colleagues because our company’s regional sports competition will kick off tomorrow at Marco Alwana Sports Complex in Cagayan de Oro City. We have no choice but to present a number with only few hours of practice because our big boss from head office will be there as special guest. He will surely question our department head if we will not join and perform a presentation for our group. So Good luck to us.. Hope everything will alright. crossfingers..x