Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready for the 1st Month

Another new color MEME has evolved, and I'm so excited to join though I wasn't able to participate on it's launching last week, but today and the next Wednesdays to come, I hope I can diligently make my share. x crossfingers x

My first entry featuring of course my Baby Xye was taken on December 14, 2010, the day before he turned 1 month old. I was waiting for him to wake up and lucky to be able to catch while he's doing his morning stretch.


  1. the photo made me smile, sis! i love it when babies stretch like that or when they sleep with "surrendered" hands, as my hubby would call it. I love to have another baby whenever I see baby photos! hmm. :) thanks for joining us this week sis! it's ok that you were not here last week.. i know busy jud! :)

  2. ang cute cute nya habang nagstretch hehehhhe

    here again sis...

  3. wow,ang cute ng stretch.hehehe what a lovely blessing

    thanks for visiting mine Jan


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