Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sterilizer with Dryer

I was looking for a steam sterilizer with dryer after I gave birth to my first child, but was not able to find one at the department stores. Most are steam sterilizers only without the dryer. What I needed most was the dryer.

Luckily hubby and I stopped by at a surplus shop selling used furnitures, appliances etc. from Korea and I spotted this sterilizer, and it has a dryer. weeh.. I did not hesitate to buy it at P1000.00, great find I think. But before using the appliance hubby had thoroughly cleaned it and checked the inside wiring for deteriorated wires that might cause short circuits.

Today this surplus appliance is still functioning and so useful in sterilizing my baby's feeding bottles.


  1. It hasn't been that long since my kids were born, and it is amazing how some things change so quickly and others always seem to remain the same!

  2. Glad you found what you needed.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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