Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early Morning at Home

This month Mommy Moments features places we often visit with our kids. To start with, this week will be the place we love most, Our Home, because there's as the saying goes "there's no place like home".

The photos below were taken early morning on June 12, 2011, Xye was still on his sleep wear. I had him seated on his inflatable chair and took some snaps while waiting for his Ate Yaya finish preparing his bath needs.

He's in the mood to smile in front of the camera.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

FishyFishy Fish

Last Sunday while visiting my SIL's place I came across an aquarium that belongs to her husband's cousin. And it has few fishes inside I decided to take some snaps to be post for Orange Tuesdays. And this little one had a good pose for me.

Ferrari or Rattle?

Since Baby Xye now uses his walker and he keeps on reaching out for anything he sees, so to keep him from getting hold of anything, hubby decided to hang toys at the side of the crib.

Hubby took out his Ferrari collection and hanged it together with Xye's rattle sets. After doing so, Xye nows spend most time near the crib and grasping for the colorful stuffs hanging within his reach. But I have asked hubby to take out the cars because it has small parts and it's dangerous. Before doing so I had a little documentation while Baby Xye curiously

Xye curiously looking at the toys with a deep thought, trying to decide which one he'll choose to play with.
Decision was made and he choose to reach for the orange rattle.
Ooopss. the red Ferrari is a good choice too.. hmmmm.
He now holds the two toys deciding, balancing which is much better to play with.
Alas, he had his final choice the "Orange rattle".
milestone achieved: decision making


ay pwede diay ni para sa

kay R para sa Rattle.. hehehe

dugay na ko wala kaapil ani dah.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In a Rattan Crib

Yesterday, Xyrus had a little play and pose with his cousin Adrian inside a native rattan crib. They look like they enjoy their time and at the same time posing infront of the camera. Of course Ate Yaya and Ate Daphne were there to make them smile, grin, laugh and make faces. lol

Adrian is a little bit bigger than Xyrus, he's 1 month and half older too. Here are their cute moments together...
cute smiles...

they're making faces...

Xye was planning to pinch his Kuya's

I was supporting Xye because he can't stand on his own like his cousin.

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Smiling Sally

Sleepy Looking Xye

We had our breakfast yesterday at Jollibee near Polymedic at Cagayan de Oro City before we proceeded to Opol, Misamis Oriental. Since it's almost 9am in the morning Xye was already sleepy, he usually sleeps that time. Sorry baby, but Mom, Dad and Yaya had to take a meal too..

We had him seated on a high chair, and he's staring at his Ate Yaya, with sleepy eyes and poor looking face.

He seriously looked at me, just like saying "Ma I'm so sleepy please hurry up".

We hurriedly ate our meals, but before getting into the car, we had a little pose with Mr. Jollibee eventhough Xye was not in the mood.

When he's a little bit older I'm sure he'll know who Jollibee is. lol..

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Cebu Demitasse Cups

Another addition to my Starbucks Mugs Collection are these two Demitasse cups from Cebu
City. A collector item series from SB.

Thanks to Sir Steve for giving these cups to me. I really love it! lol

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pose With Papa

On Jessie's first celebration as a father on Father's Day, Baby Xye was playing serious mode. I had him wear a word-ful t-shirt saying "Life is Good when You got a DADDY like MINE" cute isn't it?

mommy moments

Feastful Meal on Father's Day

June 19, 2011 was Father's Day. It was the first father's day of my husband Jessie at the same time his birthday. And to make the day more memorable we've celebrated the very day with friends which we usually does on his past birthdays but this time it's a little bit bonggacious because a whole lechon was set on the table. lol..

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Class Pictures

Hi Girlies! Time for another Girl Talk, I'm kind of late today because I was at Cagayan de Oro this afternoon but, anyway this week is about sharing our class pictures. I don't have a scanner here with me, thus I grabbed some photos from my classmates FB album.

The first four photos were on my high school days.

The first was taken on my sophomore year in high school during our Biology Field trip.
Which do you think I am?

The second and third photos were taken on our senior years in high school. This time during the School's Science Fair. You can easily identify me in the pictures above after the next photo. lol

This one was taken in front of the school stage while practicing the CAT graduation rites.
The boy-like girl seated on the left most is me. astig di ba?

Anyway that's my high school life as far as I can remember in the most populated school in the city, Zamboanga City High School Main.

Next batch of photos are our class pictures during our senior year (5th year) in college.

Our batch started with around 100 students (3 sections) after 5 years only twenty two (22) of us graduated.

And these two photos were taken during our very expensive educational tour that made my brother who shouldered my expenses bankrupted.

That would be all girls.

Thanks for dropping by, will blog hop later. I'll be in CDO tomorrow until Saturday to attend IIEE Regional Convention. ciao!

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