Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Going over my archive and deleting unnecessary files in my office desktop computer this morning, I came across these photos taken last year at Butuan City while attending workshop on black-out simulation.

The workshop was held in Almont Inland Resort and inside the resort there is an old wooden boat displayed. Our driver told us that this ol
d wooden boat is called "balangay" the first wooden watercraft used by Filipinos in pre-colonial time. Accordingly, balangays in Butuan were the first watercrafts that had been excavated in Southeast Asia in 1970s. You can search for the history to read more about it.

Anyway, I took this photo while my colleagues are examining the specimen.

Dahil hindi pwede wala ako picture with the balangay, I asked Ian the guy in green to take the second shot, that's me the chubby lady wearing blue. lol

I do not know if this boat was indeed one of the 9 balangays discovered in 1976 in Butuan City. I did not bother to ask because I have read the history just a while ago for posting purposes only. lol.

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