Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bruised Arms

I was supposed to join my team mates to practice volleyball this morning, since it's a holiday here in Iligan City but seeing my arm still bruised, I decided to give my arm a break and let it heal before hitting the ball again.

Wonder why this jack of all trades lady had gone to playing volleyball, well it is because our department had build up a volleyball team composing of 8 ladies or the only 8 ladies in the department to compete on the inter-color competition of our company scheduled on 3rd week of July. Not even one among the eight is an experienced volleyball player all of us are newbies, thus all of us need to practice and all of us had gotten the same bruises that I had.

And also our faces we're already burned out and all dark from sun exposure. Imagine practicing under sun at lunch break, that's something. I do hope the team will win even third place. lol. That will be a greatest achievement for us ladies.

My skin is brown therefore perfect for