Thursday, June 23, 2011

Class Pictures

Hi Girlies! Time for another Girl Talk, I'm kind of late today because I was at Cagayan de Oro this afternoon but, anyway this week is about sharing our class pictures. I don't have a scanner here with me, thus I grabbed some photos from my classmates FB album.

The first four photos were on my high school days.

The first was taken on my sophomore year in high school during our Biology Field trip.
Which do you think I am?

The second and third photos were taken on our senior years in high school. This time during the School's Science Fair. You can easily identify me in the pictures above after the next photo. lol

This one was taken in front of the school stage while practicing the CAT graduation rites.
The boy-like girl seated on the left most is me. astig di ba?

Anyway that's my high school life as far as I can remember in the most populated school in the city, Zamboanga City High School Main.

Next batch of photos are our class pictures during our senior year (5th year) in college.

Our batch started with around 100 students (3 sections) after 5 years only twenty two (22) of us graduated.

And these two photos were taken during our very expensive educational tour that made my brother who shouldered my expenses bankrupted.

That would be all girls.

Thanks for dropping by, will blog hop later. I'll be in CDO tomorrow until Saturday to attend IIEE Regional Convention. ciao!

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