Wednesday, June 8, 2011

College Subjects that I Like

Looking back, I actually don't have a specific favorite subject unless if we'll consider snacks time and lunch time as subjects definitely they were my favorites. But I did have subjects that I'm fond off during my college years, because the teachers who handled the subject taught us well, like chemistry, physics, engineering mechanics, and EE major subjects. However English was not included, because I'm not really good at it (though I was able to pass every English subject that I had), I was more interested with numbers and technical terms before than grammar.

Do you know that one of the reason I started blogging is
to practice my writing skills because I believe that practice will make me improve and hopefully will overcome my weakness in "English" communication.

And since we're talking about our old school days, I'm sharing to you some of our college photos that I have taken from my classmate's FB album. And this will be my share for Nostalgia this week.