Saturday, June 18, 2011

Colorful Cupcakes


As a continuation of the previous post featuring Xyrus 7th Month Birthday/Anniversary, here's a colorful treat that I'm sharing to you, the colorful cupcakes that I have ordered from Sweet Cravings to celebrate Xye's another milestone.

He's biting his lips he really really want to reach out..

We've kept him from reaching out and mess his cupcakes because we'll do a family pose infront of the camera.

After the family pose, Xye finally had reached out and messed with "big bird".

perfect share for colorful weekend.


  1. Xyrus ia so cute! Visiting from Color connection. Here's my entry. Thank you and See you around.

  2. haguy.. ana jud ang ending hahaha.. kacute oi... dako na jan no! sunod ana lakaw na... ;)

  3. Pati ako napapasmile sa mga ngiti nyo hehehe.

    More Color Connection, have a great week ahead.


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