Monday, June 13, 2011

Goods from the Barter

I received a package this morning from my dearest brother bear in Zamboanga City, as usual he sent me goods from "barter trade".

Zamboanga City is known of it's barter trade, selling imported products usually from Malaysia that are sometimes cheaper than the local goods but there are times expensive depending on the people buying. If you're a tourist and do not know how to speak the local dialect "chavacano" or muslim dialect "tausug" expect a much higher price. Take my advice when you do shopping at the the barter trade take someone with you that can speak the dialect.

Anyway, back to my package, I got two packs of vermicelli (premium sotanghon) and 1 box of Apollo checker wafer bar. According to my brother the chocolate is intended for his nephew but unfortunately, Xye my son still cannot eat those that means Mama to the rescue. yipppeeee!

Psssst.. my brother gave me those in exchange to my old desktop computer that I have sent to him. lol

P.S. Thanks to the bearers my office mates who hand carried it.

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