Sunday, June 5, 2011

Got Two SB Mugs Today

It's a happy day for me Today, want to know why?

Because this package was on my desk when I arrived here at the office early this morning.

Maya had sent me these 2 Starbucks Mugs to be added in my SB Mug Collection. Yipppeee! Thanks so much SB addict Maya.

Thanks to my office mate too who had carefully hand carried these mugs from Head Office, Quezon City.

I'm currently so addicted in collecting SB Mugs and Tumblers, though I only have few but in due time I'll have a lot. x crossfingers x.. lol..

To my blogosphere friends if you're willing to send me Starbucks "city mugs" from where you are at now, I will be happy to accept it. As in really really happy and it will surely makes me jump for joy. lol

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