Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GT: Favorite Teacher

I remember on my second year in college a professor told me this line "so you're January, I heard about your scholastic standing in your first two years in engineering, next year you'll have your major subjects let's see how far you can go, in my class.." woah.. I was so shocked and afraid to move on, thinking "magiging mainit ako sa mata ng teacher", but later I realized that, that statement was a challenge. And that statement made me or pushed me to be more diligent in my studies.

He became my professor from 3rd year to 5th year all major subjects and almost all subjects that I was under him I got exempted and had not taken the final exams. Thank goodness I got 1 subject less to study for finals.

From then on he became my favorite teacher, adviser, and now a fellow practitioner.

Ooopss.. sorry I can't find a picture with him..