Monday, June 20, 2011

RIzal's Day, Father's Day and Birthday

June 19, 2011 was a triple treat celebration. It was our National Hero's 150th Birth Anniversary, Father's Day and of course my husband Jessie's Birthday.

We have celebrated the day with friends (we have no relatives here in Iligan...) at our favorite pool hangout Marvilla's Swimming Pool in Timoga, Iligan City.

Nice and her nephew/niece tandem together with Bonbon's children went to the pool early, they we're too excited to plunge into the cold water. Also they were the advance party so that we'll be able to get out usually spot, that's the table near the kiddie pool.

When we arrived the kids were already in the water.

Then the host prepared the table..

The men's role were to cook/grill the fish...

While the ladies did some pose with the prince...

The three of us posed for a picture too... but our little prince was not in the mood to smile..

All set and ready to eat...

The kids were already hungry after a couple of hours in the water...

After the meal the guys now wear big smiles..busog na daw.. hehe

and by the way Xye also had a visitor, a pretty girl in yellow Alexa. She's Xye's godmother's daughter.

We started the party early but the adults invaded the water only after the sun had set.

That's what happened last Sunday. A fun full day for all of us.

Thank You Guys for celebrating the day with us.

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