Monday, June 13, 2011

Some of My LEVYtating Moments

This is my official entry to LEVY’s contest. (It took me a while to write my entry)

There are a lot of situations or things that make me ecstatic. It can be associated with family, career, love life, friends, things, and a lot more. Let me enumerate some that I can remember;

LOVE LIFE – The happiest day in my life was the day I got married to the person I love most, my first ever boyfriend turned husband after 8 years in relationship. Walking down the aisle felt like I’m levitating and floating above the clouds because of excitement and nervousness. lol.

CAREER – As for my career, I admit I had a lot of ups and downs. I remember crying inside the church while praying. I almost lost my hope to continue working and was so discouraged because of another person’s doing. Thank goodness I have my faith, my family and friends with me that had encouraged me to move on and told me not to mind people who were so selfish and enjoys putting people down.

On the other hand after that one biggest fall, my career path was and is smooth sailing. Though I had been to different stations the past years but I am still blessed because everything in between were full of levitating moments. Like getting a regular status at work, got promoted two times and finally transferred back to where I belong after being assigned somewhere else.

And finally FRIENDS, I only have few female friends, most are male, and some are living their own life far away. These are my closest friends for the past years here in Iligan City.

We love to go out for an escapade but time prevents us sometimes, thus whenever we had a chance to go out for a vacation we always feel like LEVYtating.

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