Thursday, June 16, 2011

Subjects I DIsliked

Last week on Girl Talk was about favorite subjects, this week will be the opposite, the most disliked subject. I rather used the word dislike because as far as I remember I don’t have subject that I hated most, but I do have subjects that I dislike just because I dislike the teacher handling it. Like AC machines one of our major subjects in college, I don’t like the professor because she can’t teach us well maybe because she herself do not know what she was teaching. But anyhow I manage to pass the subject.

English. Though I sucked in English but I don’t hate it, in fact I have a little love towards the subject or the language but the problem was I never got a chance to practice it thus I ended up so poor in conversing and writing.

Physical Education. As much as I wanted it to be my favorite but I don’t think I can consider it as one, I somewhat categorized as “disliked” because I never got a 1.0 grade in my four PE subjects. lol.

History 101-Rizal’s Life. Sort of disliked, because it was kind of boring sometimes. No offense to our National Hero who’ll be celebrating his 150th Birthdate Anniversary. lol.

Though I had not loved all my subjects during my student days, but I never disliked them. Because when I entered college and took up EE I told myself to love my course and subjects so that it won’t be difficult to pass. Luckily, I had not failed any subject in my 5 years in college. lol. winkz*