Thursday, June 16, 2011

Xyrus at 7 Months

mommy moments

Our little prince Javen Xyrus had turned 7 months yesterday June 15, 2011. We started the day early as usual, he woke up at 5:30AM and keeps on calling and murmuring. Sleepy mom had no choice but to wake up and play with him for a while (becau
se his dad was on graveyard shift) before I took a bath at 6AM. At 6:30 it was his turn to p
lay on the water but before that I had him sat on his inflatable chair and took some snaps. He was still in the mood.

After his bathe, I had him dressed his first levi's denim and oshkosh polo shirt (na galing UK as in an ukay-ukay thrift find) that I have saved for the occasion. But his mood had already gone bad, no smile, lips closed..why?

Because he was sleepy that's why..

I have no choice but to stop our photo session.

In the afternoon when I arrived home after work he was backed in his mood again. I grabbed the camera right away and did some clicks..

Here's a cute greeting smile I received after eight hours at work.

I let his father posed with him, but looks like Xye had something to say to his dad.

and he do not want anyone to hear it, men's talk...

Since I was in a hurry to make them looked at the camera. Xye switched to serious mode "daw".

After the Father and Son pose, it's Mother and Son's turn. His dad took the photo this time, and he's waving like he's running for president. lol..

Had to cut short the pictorial because hubby and I had to get his 7th month birthday cupcakes that I have ordered.

Watch out tomorrow for the rest of the story. hihihi..


  1. wow, naka denim na si baby:) natawa ako sa sinabi mo graveyard shift...ako lagi sked sa ganitong oras, si hubs e hilik ang share:)

  2. btw, nakita ko na un online shop ask ko sa isang site mo:) gandaaa.

  3. Wow, he's a morning person!

    Visiting via Thursday Brownies. Hope you can visit mine too.

  4. so cute...ang sarap ng smile ng baby at daddy :)

    Thanks for joining!!

  5. i've never seen him grumpy sis! he is such a happy little kid. very nice photos! visiting via tb..hope you could visit me at v

  6. very cute! priceless pictures

  7. he is so cute, i enjoyed reading your story! he is such a lovely boy! :) visiting you from thursday brownies and wishing you a great weekend! :)

  8. Looks like Xye has a lot to say to Daddy!

    Happy Father's Day!

    Here's my Daddy Moment

  9. so cute in striped. Happy 7th month baby. Late visit here. Here is my Brown . Thanks and have fun!

  10. Your husband and son are having a secret discussion! For their ears only, Mommy! Cute! I hope you can visit my MM entry, too. Thanks!

  11. cutie xyrus!!!

    dropping by from Thursday Brownies! hope you can drop by at my gelatissimo and my espresso!see yah!

  12. hahaha! that was funny! love the picture when Xye seems to be saying something to daddy..

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  13. nice photos.. glad you can join us at mommy moments! :D

    time passes by so fast!

  14. he's getting bigger and bigger! happy 7th month to your baby :)
    thanks much for joining JB. :)


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