Sunday, July 31, 2011


I bought a new toy for my son 3 weeks ago at Cagayan de Oro City. In search for a fun and learn type of toy my 8 month old son, I found this Brilliant Basics Rack-A-Stack from Fisher-Price. It has bright and shiny colors, different ring sizes and the plastic is soft and safe for my baby.

Here's some of the photos while Xye seriously playing and figuring out what to do with it..

Accordingly to PF the following are the developmental benefits that a child can get in playing the the toy

Stimulating the Senses

  • Bright colors, shiny reflections & swirling beads stimulate visual development.
  • Hands-on activities strengthen baby’s sense of touch.

Developing Motor Skills

  • Placing rings on post strengthens eye-hand coordination.
  • Grasping & sorting rings develops fine motor skills.
  • Enhances gross motor skills as baby bats and rocks the toy.

Encouraging Cognitive Abilities

  • Fosters problem-solving skills as baby figures out which ring comes next.
  • Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings.

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Smiling Sally


Ladies of Volleyball

Two weeks ago, together with the rest of the "eathletes" players we went to Cagayan de Oro City to participate in our company's inter-color/department sports competition.

After playing badminton and table tennis my third event was volleyball, since most of the departments are male-dominated except the support group (admin, finance and hr) the management released a memo that women employees are allowed to play more than 1 game to allow maximum participation in the sports and physical fitness activities. Thus, most of us ladies had compete each other in previous events.

This was our group's first time participation in the said event, and after so much effort exerted in practice our team managed to place 3rd in the competition, in-spite of being an "all-first timer" volleyball team. Kodus Team Mindanao System Operations! Next year we'll be aiming for the gold so let's keep of practicing. Yippeee!


Smiling Sally

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Stapler

My old stapler at home broke down so I bought a replacement and a cute pink and cheap stapler from "Novo". Very useful but I'm not sure how long her lifespan will be. Anyway since it's cheap I can buy another in case, and I'll still choose something pink. lol.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest Yr. 3

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Amazingly generous and beautiful Mommy Grace just celebrated her birthday and she wanted to celebrate her special day by sharing the blessings she had to everyone. Thus, she's giving away a $100 plus blog makeover to the lucky one. Who can resist the chance of winning these prizes? Joining is so easy, all you have to do is follow these simple rules;

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2. Return to her post leave the URL of your contest post.
3. Shout the Contest on Facebook.
4. Copy the Prizes , Mechanics and the the list of Sponsors.

So Easy Right? So join now and enjoy the fun.

Thanks to the Sponsors:

La Paz Batchoy in CDO

It's good to be back in the blogosphere, my last post was dated July 14, 2011 and that's exactly 2 weeks off from blogging. I was not able to budget my time and do my thing here because I was busy something else offline. But anyways, now that I'm back and it's a Friday I'll be sharing our foodtrip last week while in Cagayan de Oro City.

After a devastating day, because we have lost 3 games in a row in the 2nd-Round Robin Volleyball Match our service driver brought us at LaPaz Batchoy House for dinner. It made us feel good sipping hot soup after a long tiring day.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look Pa I can Sit now

When I arrived home yesterday after 2 days on official business at Cagayan de Oro, hubby showed me pictures of our son sitting on his own. He told me that last Tuesday after teaching Xye to balance while sitting on his own the next day Xye showed him that he can do it on his own without leaning on anything.

Look how proud he is in his photos.

Too bad I missed this one milestone he has, but at least hubby was there to document it.

The curtain at the background is pink and therefore this post is qualified for Pink Fridays. winks*

Dragon Fruit

Have you tasted a dragon fruit? If you haven't tasted it yet, then you should.

I was really wondering what the fruit taste like. Until yesterday I finally was able to satisfy my curiosity when I saw and bought this pinkish fruit at Robinson's Supermarket in Cagayan de Oro City.

The fruit has overlapping scale in bright pink color, has light sweet taste that can be compared to pears or watermelon.

Pittaya or commonly know as the "dragon fruit" is one of the most nutritious exotic fruit. This pinkish fruit is full packed with vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber and is believe to prevent cancer.

Accordingly, pittaya has a at least 1 foot long yellow bell like flower, very fragrant that usually flowers at night, thus pollination takes place during night time.

Hopefully by next year, if we'll be able to build our own home at Cagayan de Oro City, I want to plant dragon fruits in our backyard.

New Crocs Flips

I bought two pairs of sandals from crocs yesterday, their newest design in the market today the "Crocs Duet Flip". Because of the compact design, super comfy yet super light construction of these new flips made me decide to purchase two pairs and I got them with 10% discount.

The espresso/mushroom color combi is for myself while the navy/light grey is for my husband.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Vacation I

I'll be on blog vacation for three days friends, because tomorrow we'll be leaving for Cagayan de Oro City for the second part of our company's sports competition. I'll be back probably by Thursday night. I'll make sure to visit you as soon as I return.

Have A Nice Week Everyone!