Monday, July 11, 2011

Laughing before Going to Sleep

Xye usually sleeps before 8PM, as much as we want him to sleep early before 8PM but he kept himself amused by trying to laugh and smile at us. Every facial expression we've made or word we've said he just kept on laughing, just like these photos taken last week. He's one happy baby before going to sleep. lol

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  1. i know the feeling..and thats really a mother's joy and music in the ear:)

    mine is up

  2. 8pm wow! aga naman ng bedtime nya. :)

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

  3. such a cutie. thanks for sharing sis.

    Hope you can leave some comment on my post too.


  4. Ang aga ng bedtime nyo. When my daughter was around your kid's age, she would sleep around 8pm and will wake up at 10pm, around the time that her Daddy will come back from work.

    Visiting via KID.


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