Monday, July 4, 2011

McQueen's Sofa Bed

This "Cars" McQueen's Sofa Bed was given to Xye by his Ninong Joel on his Christening. We had kept it for a while because Xye was too young to use it yet. But yesterday, Jessie took it out and shown it to his son and me. Honestly I had not seen this one closely, I have known only yesterday that this is indeed a sofa bed for kids. lol..

The red print is very attractive to baby's sight thus, Xye went close and touch it.




  1. McQueen! My nephew would surely want that sofa bed!

    Thanks for joining sis!

  2. my son has a sofa bed when he was your son's age, a gift from a ninang.

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  3. awww, what a cutie. My son has a counh/bed like that. He also loves the McQueen. I bet your little boy is going to be a race car driver in the future :-) Dropping by for RHM, please drop me a line too at


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