Sunday, July 31, 2011


I bought a new toy for my son 3 weeks ago at Cagayan de Oro City. In search for a fun and learn type of toy my 8 month old son, I found this Brilliant Basics Rack-A-Stack from Fisher-Price. It has bright and shiny colors, different ring sizes and the plastic is soft and safe for my baby.

Here's some of the photos while Xye seriously playing and figuring out what to do with it..

Accordingly to PF the following are the developmental benefits that a child can get in playing the the toy

Stimulating the Senses

  • Bright colors, shiny reflections & swirling beads stimulate visual development.
  • Hands-on activities strengthen baby’s sense of touch.

Developing Motor Skills

  • Placing rings on post strengthens eye-hand coordination.
  • Grasping & sorting rings develops fine motor skills.
  • Enhances gross motor skills as baby bats and rocks the toy.

Encouraging Cognitive Abilities

  • Fosters problem-solving skills as baby figures out which ring comes next.
  • Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings.

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  1. What a cute and adorable lil' baby. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!!!!

  2. He is so serious, and I think he enjoys it so much mine is up and its here thanks Points of View and Thoughts

  3. what an educational toy. he's already enjoying his toys from the looks of it.

    my Blue Monday is up. :)

  4. Ang cute nmnng baby Xye, laki na nya..

  5. Most of the small children I have been around, had one of these. He will learn all about it very quickly.

  6. ang kyut ate jan! kyut po ng baby!

    hopping from Green Monday. Hope you can drop by at my entry too. Thanks.

  7. very cute. yes, babies love those kind of toys as it stimulates their brain to coordinate with body movements. visiting from green monday.

  8. very informative indeed and looks your baby enjoys his play time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. may ganyan din si Iris..
    tinatapon nya instead na i-stack..hehehe..maybe when she's bit older..10months na sya ngayon kasi..
    thanks for joining sis..


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