Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Crawl - Moving Forward

You read it right, my little boy Xye had his first crawl "forward" yesterday at age 9 months and 9 days. Actually he does know how to crawl but the opposite direction(backwards), and finally yesterday hubby told me when I arrived home from work that our son was able to crawl on his own and this time slowly moving forward. Hooray! What an achievement after hitting the floor the other night as he was trying his best to move his hand and knees while so that he can crawl. I guess getting hurt will give little ones more courage to achieve their goals.

Oh, he even showed me his new milestone yesterday when I arrived home.

One milestone now written on his milestone record.

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  1. Hello Jan!

    Arlene here. Perti jud nakong pangita sa imong mga blogs. I will have it included in the list of Iligan Bloggers blog.

    Please allow me to invite you on the Launching of Iligan Bloggers tomorrow morning 8:30. Sa SMC Hotel near BDO nga church.

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  2. Exciting! Hehehe... I hope I will be able to catch my baby's milestone on photographs.

  3. Weeee! Cutiepie!

    I hope you can visit my whites, too!
    White Xperia X10
    Butong (Young Coconut)
    Apple Blossoms
    Thanks! Till next week!

  4. wow, that's really nice...congrats xye! galing-galing na ni baby, ha! visiting from OT, hope you can visit me back! thanks and have a great weekend! :)

  5. doing good, little one!! :) mommy jan, thanks for sharing -- i feel like I am a part of your little tyke's journey. I am amazed at what he can do everytime you share photos! thanks also for joining Wednesday Whites. Sorry for the late visit!

  6. visiting back from WW, though i am too late. have a great week. :)


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