Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Wedding, Happy Reunion

In my previous post, I have shared to you the souvenirs that I've got from our friend's wedding. This time I'll be featuring the happy wedding and our happy reunion with the newly weds.

They actually have a very unique and rushed love story to begin with. They dated for just few days I believe, and got married afterwards. Everything was a rushed because Lorna is due to leave the country then. And to seal their bond they married through civil rights in 2006. Few days later, Lorna left the country for US as an immigrant. Months after, Abel left the country too to go after his wife.

After more than 4 years, the couple Abel and Lorna (aka Daboy and LT) came home and tied their knot in the eyes of God, they had their church wedding last Saturday August 6, 2011 at Corpus Christi Parish Church in Iligan City Philippines.

It was one happy event for all of us because it was also a mini reunion after 4 years. Although 2 of our friends we’re not around (Kathy was not able to come home from US and Erwin who’s tied up in his job at Cebu and was not able come), still they have celebrated the event with us.

They’re on vacation here in the Philippines, and we understand that they have a very busy schedule with their family. Nevertheless, we're still hoping to have another get together before they’ll fly again to US in a month time. winkz*

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