Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning to walk just like on the Moon

At 9 months and 15 days Xye knows very well to make his walker run, he can do side steps inside his crib while holding on it's edge, walk forward when you hold both his hands. But I believe holding his hands to make him practice walking may cause injury in his arms and shoulder from sudden fall. Thus, to make it much safer for him, I bought this learn to walk assistance from an online shop. At first he doesn't like to be in it, he cried a lot but after many tries he finally was able to adopt.

Here is his walking story, as he tries to balance and walk towards his goal, the Orange Little Stool.

walking on step at a time
forward I'm almost there
I can see my goal now...
yippee! finally reach it.
huh! that was tiring, I need to take a rest first.

One great milestone from our little man.

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  1. hala ang galing naman nito, mas maganda ito kasi safe. Mine is up for wednesday whites thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

  2. kacute, murag ga-swing.. wala lagi ni nauso nga technology kaniadto Jan.. hahha.. kanindot oi.. ahh after ana... mudagan na na si Xye... dropping by for WW..

  3. weee.. i have like this too... a gift for my baby boy! your son's getting bigger...visiting from WW!

  4. Wow! Xye is a fast walker! Galing galing!

    WW visiting! You might want to check out my shares, if you have time! :)
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    Mother's Day Bouquet
    The Lamb and Us

    Thanks and see you next time! :)

  5. Ay, I like that. My baby is also in his 9th month and I'd like to train him into walking na. Mabilis na din kc cia kapag sa walker nya eh. I'll try to find something like that too.

    visiting from wednesday white! hope you could visit my site!!

  6. awww! look how determined he was! he is such a serious-looking but very cute young man! thanks for sharing this and for joining WW!

  7. wow, this one is really ang galing naman ni xye at 9 months, nakaktuwang tignan gusto talagang matuto. hehehe! visiting late from last week's OT, have a great week. :)

  8. back here again, visiting late from last week's WW naman, happy thursday! :)


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