Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Tattoo

I'm not referring to any drawing or markings on any part of my body but a small gadget that allows me to go online or log in to blocked social sites in our office especially Facebook.

This Prepaid Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband that I have recently bought at P895.00 (thanks to my friend at Globe for purchasing it for me at a discounted price) is indeed very useful in monitoring my online shop at Facebook. Logging in just for 30minutes is enough to answer inquiries from prospect buyers.

Nevertheless, I'm still thankful that nobody else is using blogger or any blogging site in the office, therefore these sites will not be block by the network admin for now. lol..

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By the way the action figure attached is "Orochimaru" of Naruto that I have stole with consent from an officemate. lol