Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's My Favorite Sports?

When I read about the latest giveaway hosted by Mirage, I got excited because it's all about sports. And I'm a very sporty type of person, because I can easily learn any sports as long as I'm willing to (charr!), except swimming I think because until now I still do not know how to swim.

I used to be a softball player (varsity by the bench, lol) on my high school, played basketball on college (during inter-college competition, kahit sobrang liit ko), and lately I played volleyball and table tennis for our inter-department competition. But no sports can replace my all-time favorite sports Badminton. I love it no matter what. I used to be active in local competition playing mid-level class and had won quite a lot in my category but had laid low after giving birth. I'm not that fit anymore for competitions, at medyo tumatanda na. But still, I'm playing my sports until now for health sake and as lose weight alternative.

So here's some photos in action taken in 2008 during our last National Sportsfest with our used to be mother company TransCo.

Since I'm reminiscing the past here might as well, share this post for Nostalgia.


By the way big thanks to my teammates for taking the shots.. lol..