Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Barkada Before and After

We've been friends for more than 5years after meeting and knowing each other at the peak of badminton in Iligan City in 2004-2006. From then, we became friends on and off the badminton court.

Our lives were not all about badminton because off the court we're group of professionals working and and surviving life. Some went to other countries, some in other cities in the Philippines but most remained in Iligan City as each of us embarked different facets of life.

I was once separated from the group too about three years (2006-2009) but had returned to Iligan City for good. This year, it was Abel's turn to be with us after migrating to US in 2007 and will be flying back on Saturday after 6 weeks vacation leaving us again for about 4 years I guess. Kathleya had not returned to the Philippines yet after migrating to US in 2006. And we'll be waiting for her vacation soon.

After digging into my archives for some pictures taken before I found these photos dated April 3, 2007. Look how slimmed we were back then

from left (standing) Joven, Jhong and Mia
from left (sitting) Jan, Nice, Joel and Abel

from left (standing) Joven and Mia
from left (sitting) Jes, Jan, Nice, Joel and Abel

compared to how huge and healthy our bodies are today.

from left (standing) Jhong, Jan and Jes
from left (sitting) Nice, Mia and Joven

from left (back) Joel and Jessie
from left (front) Jaja (Joel's wife), Jan (Me), Abel, Nice, Mia and Joven

These are Happy moments that we had before and after.

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