Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black Beauty Gadget

Oh my, when was the last time I joined Girl Talk? The last post that I have checked a while ago was dated June 23, 2011, that's exactly two months ago, woah! that's quite a very long time.

I should be charged guilty for not religiously joining memes and blog hopping. As usual the culprit is my very busy schedule. Though, I can still find time to join some but not all of them that I used to before.

But anyways, now that I'm back in GT I do hope I can complete this month's topics.

So, here's my Black Beauty Gadget for today, none other than my 2-year old Canon 1000D DSLR camera.

My first love gadget given by hubby as a gift on our 1st year wedding anniversary in May 2009.

I do wish I can buy another camera body, but because of financial priorities I had to set aside my want first, later on if I have extra income I'll definitely buy another.

That's my black beauty gadget girlies, see you around.